Hot Rodding and Social Media

Like it or not, social media has changed the landscape of hot rodding/ custom culture forever. When I say hot rodding, custom culture let me clarify what I mean. Hot rodding and custom culture are anything that is not stock and personalized to the owner of whatever the machine is. It could be anything a traditional hot rod, custom motorcycles of all types, tricked out muscle cars, custom trucks of all kind, low brow art of all types and medium, fabrication and the tools that go with it, custom imports old and new, retro 80’s/ GEN Xer and anything that is hand built.

Just look, here we are using computers and social media to connect like never before. We can use it for making new friends, finding parts, finding business contacts, business opportunities, and even promote a business or event. My questions for you all are the following:

  1. Do you think social media and the internet has helped or hurt hot rodding/ custom culture?
  2. As a business owner, do you hate doing social media and wish someone did it for you?
  3. If yes to answer two, what would you pay to have it done if that person or company could show you a return on investment (ROI)?

IMG_9511I am writing this post as a lot of you I know are small business owners and the face of hot rodding/ custom culture is changing drastically. I am afraid of it going away, and small businesses will not survive. Hot rodding and custom culture are a big part of who I am and don’t want it to go away. A lot of my close friends are business owners in this market and are struggling and not sure where the next consumer base is coming from. I am interested to see what you all have to say.


Please on a final note DO NOT MAKE THIS POLITICAL!!!!! I don’t care about your politics.