1960 Impala (Belle)

It’s rare when you find a car that is a true time capsule. About a year and a half ago a good friend of mine called and was debating on selling his car which fit this description. As one of the founding members of the internationally acclaimed band, Calexico Joey has a 1960 Impala 4-door sedan that is a matching numbers car and was completely original. Having all the documentation and history on the car is special and her name is Belle. We discussed selling Belle and I advised that if he did, he would never be able to replace it or the memories that were created in Belle. After meeting up with Joey and going over the car I recommended that we not do a full and proper restoration but do preservation to keep as much of the originality as we could. Making a list of what repairs were needed, we began to fix some rusty floors, and bad weatherstrip seals, and have the interior redone exactly as it was from the factory. Rebuild the front suspension and brakes and make it roadworthy and safe. With a budget set and timeline established Belle came back with me to begin the process. Over the next year and a half, we went through the list and got back Belle back to her glory and ready for Joey to enjoy the next chapter with his family and friends. To say Belle has a lot of history is an understatement and is a very important part of Calexico’s history. Thank you, Joey, and Calexico the opportunity to do the preservation. We are sure going to miss Belle around here. Special thanks to Ciadella Interiors, Terry McGavern, Jeff Dalgarn Jason Mikkelsen for all your help in making Belle awesome again.